Canada Scraps CanSino Vaccine Trial: Ad5-nCoV

Canada Scraps CanSino Vaccine Trial: Ad5-nCoV

Chinese military researchers developed Ad5-nCoV, one of the leading manufacturer of a vaccine for Covid-19.

As a result of a delay in the delivery of drugs, Canada has agreed to suspend the production of a coronavirus vaccines agreement with the Chinese drug firm CanSino.

According to the Morning Post in southern China, it is not clear if political tensions between the two countries are linked to Chinese customs snagging.

Canada Scraps CanSino Vaccine Trial: Ad5-nCoV

China National Research Council reported that “CanSino’s collaborators in the Chinese Government-the Beijing Technology Institute and the Ministry of Science and Technology – had revised the agreement between the NRC and CanSino prior to signature.

“Since CanSino has now completed phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical studies elsewhere and has delayed delivery of CanSinoCovid-19 vaccine candidates doses in Canada, this unique opportunity has ended, and the NRC is concentrating its staff and facilities on other Covid-19 priorities.”

“We are also actively pursuing discussions with other partners to collaborate on other vaccine candidates and will announce these collaborations as they are confirmed,” it said.

The government-funded agency, however, has stated now that the clinical tests in which vaccine applicants are ad5-nCoV will not continue in Canada. CanSino denied earlier this week that linkages were broken.

Ad5-nCoV, developed by military scientists from China, has become one of the pioneers in developing a Covid-19 vaccine according to the southern China Morning Post.

A Phase 1 study agreement had been entered into between the National Research Council and CanSino in May.

Canada Scraps CanSino Vaccine Trial: Ad5-nCoV

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