Find the 3rd Best University in India: AMU

Find the 3rd Best University in India: AMU

Academic excellence at Aligarh Muslim University has won international and national acclaim in its centennial year. In addition to the Times Higher Education, London, the AMU is ranked third by India’s leading “India Today” press. The ranking includes over 1000 government and private universities and is the third-highest AMU in government as well as private universities.

Find the 3rd Best University in India: AMU

The AMU has earned 1718.6 points, out of a potential of 2000 points, according to the ranking released by India Today.

AMU occupies third place in the 90 PG courses offered in various disciplines. The fourth grade under the “general universities (government)” category was also won, with the largest number of patents awarded over the last three years.

India The AMU Faculty of Law is also ranked 11th in the list of best law colleges today.

Prof. Tariq Mansoor, Vice-Chancellor of AMU, commended the faculty and students for their positive efforts to get the university to a successful conclusion. He was also pleased by the steady success of AMU, which in recent months has eliminated the obstacles to the COVID19 Pandemic.

“The remarkable success has brought pride to the entire university fraternity and it is owing to the hard work and sincerity of the teachers of the university”.

Prof. Tariq Mansoor, Vice-Chancellor of AMU

Find the 3rd Best University in India: AMU

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