How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook in 2020?

How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook in 2020?

For a number of purposes, screenshots may be helpful. For example, you can send copies of error messages to the supporting services, show your game screen to a friend, or save a tweet in a few minutes that you think will be deleted. The laptops today all contain screenshots, including Chromebooks.

For anyone on another device, Chromebooks may be a little confusing, especially because the claviers vary significantly from those on Macs or Windows computers. There are also keys missing on other laptops and new keys were inserted.

However, you would be ready to go until you know the essential configurations for taking screenshots. See how to take a Chromebook screenshot with keyboard shortcuts or a stylus. We also list other tips and tools for recording your Chromebook image.

  • Hold down the Ctrl + Switch Window keys to capture a full screenshot.
  • Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window keys to capture a specific area.

Capture a Full Screenshot on Chromebook

To take a screenshot of everything on your screen, press the following keys simultaneously:
  1. Open the window you need to take screenshot of.
  2. Press Ctrl + Switch window OR Show Window Key(The Show windows key, which looks like a rectangle with two lines on the right side, is on the top row of the keyboard (it’s the equivalent of the F5 key on a PC keyboard)
  3. You will see a mirror of the show shot in a pop-out window after you take the screen shot (depending on the version of Chrome OS you are using). It offers the option to copy or annotate the image from the screenshot onto your clipboard.

Any screenshot you take will end up in the Downloads folder. To find the folder:

How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook in 2020?
  • Select the Launcher at the left corner of your display.
  • Look for the icon named “Files” under the search field. If you don’t see it, select the up arrow and look for the “Files” app there.

How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook in 2020?


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