How to vote for Grammy 2021?

February 13, 2021

How to vote for Grammy 2021?

The process starts with the submission of entries by representatives and record labels, who then scan for eligibility and placement in categories. The voting members of the Academy all engage in artistic and professional recording processes:

  • Participate in the selection process deciding the 5 finalist categories
  • Participate in the final voting process determining the winners of the Grammy.
How to vote for Grammy 2021?
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Members of the Academy of records and record companies enter recordings and music videos that they deem deserving of recognition during the GRAMMY Award process, published during the eligibility year.


More than 350 experts in a variety of fields are reviewing to ensure that the recordings are provided in unique fields, including Rock, R&B, Jazz, Country, Gospel, New Age, Rap, Classical and Latin. The aim of the screenings is to ensure that every entry is eligible and placed in its correct category and not to make artistic or technical judgments about the records.


First-round votes are sent in decent dues to voting members. The independent accounting firm Deloitte shall table votes to help ensure the quality of votes for members only in their expertise; they shall be eligible to vote in up to 15 genres plus four general sector categories (Record Of The Year, Album of the Year, Song Of The Year and Best New Artist).

Nominating Special Commissions

The final appointments shall be decided by national selection examination committees composed of voting members from all the cities of the chapters of the Academy in handicraft and other specialized categories.

Final vote

Final round votes are sent in good dues to voting participants. This ballot also contains finalists decided by special nominating committees. At the final round of voting, the members of the Music Academy will be able to vote in the genre fields in up to 15 categories, plus the four General Field categories (Record of the Year, Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Best New Artist).


Results of members’ voting can only be recognized when Deloitte presents winners in sealed envelopes before the GRAMMY Awards presentation ceremony. During the television coverage of the GRAMMY Awards, the winners are announced.

GRAMMY Award Statuette
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GRAMMY Award Statuette

GRAMMY Award winners sign and agree to the following terms as a condition precedent to receiving a GRAMMY Award Statuette.

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