India’s PM talks about coronawarriors in Mannkibaat

India’s PM talks about coronawarriors in Mannkibaat, a grand salute by the prime minister of India (Mr. Narendra Modi) to all the warriors across India who are helping and saving the lives of its citizens.

India's PM talks about coronawarriors in Mannkibaat

India’s PM spoke about #Coronawarriors who are working day night through this lockdown and making sure all the necessary needs are being reached, you can visit to learn more.

Modi concentrated on the situation in the country in the 63rd episode of Mann Ki Baat because of Covid-19. As a cautionary measure to prevent the spread of the pandemic, the Prime Minister declared a 21-day nationwide lockout on 24 March. Later on, the lock-out was extended to 3 May.

India has become of the successful countries to avoid the spread of the novel COVID-19, being one of the developing countries, and having most of the population that is underprivileged has set a huge example in the world through its people-driven approach.

Mr. Modi also spoke about the recent and extensive advancement in digitalization of many of the country’s processes including Education and work from home. During the toughest times on the planet, Modi did mention all the small initiatives taken by the public to ensure people do not struggle with foods, medicines, and other necessities as well.

The PM advised all the citizens of the country to use a mask and cover their mouth to avoid spreading of the coronavirus. There haven’t been any updates on the extension of the lockdown as it is needed to avoid the spread of the same.

Prime Minister of India greatly appreciated the responsibility taken by the citizens to avoid spreading of coronavirus by celebrating their religious festival safely at home. He specifically mentioned Ester, Ramzan, and Purnima by citizens of India.

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India’s PM talks about coronawarriors in Mannkibaat

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