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Aim of project and nature of duties/techniques: improving an existing 3D functional-structural grapevine model

List any Pre-requisites/Criteria: familiar with Java programming language

Project Aim: improving an existing 3D functional-structural with several new features

Expertise: Modeling & Simulation


To accelerate the innovation in vineyard management, we aim to develop a three-dimensional grapevine model to help growers and researchers to test new management options in a virtual environment before applying in-field. Previously we have developed a whole-plant grapevine model that simulates the effects of variations in environmental conditions (e.g. soil water potential, radiation, temperature, and vapour pressure), plant water status (e.g. xylem water potential, leaf and fruit transpiration) and carbon status (e.g. source-sink ratio and phloem sucrose concentration) on grape berry growth with dynamic canopy growth. The model can also help us test different management options, e.g. trimming, fruit thinning, and irrigation to reach our target outcome.

For improving the accuracy of prediction in canopy photosynthesis and berry composition, and linking with field phenotyping data, e.g. LiDAR point cloud, we would like to add few more features to the model:

  1. Adding the leaf angle distribution from LiDAR point cloud data
  2. Converting the current 2D leaf structure into a 3D leaf structure and divide it into more segments for improving the accuracy photosynthesis calculation
  3. Incorporating a wire lifting function and shoot reorientation during wire lifting
  4. Improve the canopy development description from budburst to harvest.


The successful candidate will add the above-mentioned features based on the existing dataset into the GroIMP modeling platform which is developed based on Java programming language.

Criteria for the position

The candidates should have good skills in Java scripts and mathematics. Experience with Java programming language is pre-required. A good understanding of plant growth is an advantage, but not essential.

Summer Studentship | Vineyard digital twin | PFR 

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