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At AbbVie, we esteem uniting people from different foundations to grow new and imaginative answers for patients. As an equivalent, the open-door manager we don’t separate based on race, shading, religion, national root, age, sex (counting pregnancy), physical or mental incapacity, ailment, hereditary data sex personality or articulation, sexual direction, conjugal status, secured veteran status, or some other legitimately ensured trademark.

Job Description

General Position Summary/Purpose:

Add to numerous phases of improvement of focused little particles by supporting the usage of deductively determined advancement plans, fundamentally on setting up the technique and executing on bioinformatics investigation of novel objective disclosure and biomarkers of enthusiasm for different undertakings.

Pragmatic information and authority encounter in exploratory structures for preclinical and early clinical medication revelation ventures.

Create, keep up, and refine bioinformatics work processes and systematic devices for preclinical and clinical biomarker information investigation. Ebb and flow focal point of this position is basically on preclinical disclosure organic research.

Down to earth information on bioinformatics apparatuses and assets, involvement in cutting edge sequencing (NGS) information, different high-throughput omics investigation pipeline advancement, integrative omics information and distributed computing, and solid foundation in genomics and sub-atomic science.

As an individual from our bioinformatics bunch working with other research researchers in a profoundly community-oriented and dynamic condition to help biomarker examinations and translational medication.

Key Accountabilities/Core Job Responsibilities:

Giving proper test structure and biospecimen inspecting plan, sub-atomic information examination methodology and measurable help to recognize instruments of activity or obstruction for little particle therapeutics, distinguishing proof of novel targets and applicant biomarkers for different projects and extends and other research goals.

  • Working with standard bioinformatics instruments, representation bundles, and omics databases/explanations assets.
  • Creating and utilizing bioinformatics pipelines to get ready and break down information, working intimately with information builds in pipeline advancements.
  • Breaking down and working with NGS information, in a perfect world entire genome and exome arrangement information and different omics information and so forth.
  • Deciphering and making an interpretation of information to organic information.
  • Introduction in interior gathering gatherings or outer logical gatherings
  • Aptitude and encounters in trial plans.
  • Shown familiarity with UNIX/Linux processing condition (8 years)
  • Capability in R programming (8 years), other programming abilities, for example, in C/C++ and a scripting language, for example, Perl or Python would be attractive.
  • Commonality with SAS, JMP or JMP Genomics, OmicSoft ArraySuite are an or more.
  • Astounding working information on current prescribed procedures in hereditary variation revelation and approval strategies.
  • Solid hierarchical, composed, and relational abilities.
  • Phenomenal logical and critical thinking capacities.
  • A demonstrated reputation in logical productions and welcomed introductions at significant meetings on track disclosure and biomarkers.
  • Information on cell and sub-atomic science, oncology, and medication advancement forms.
  • Appreciates working in a quick-paced and exceptionally communitarian dynamic condition with a various group to handle complex issues.
  • Anxious to learn and consider new ideas.
  • Is taught and headed to convey progressing research results.
  • Has an inspirational demeanour with an ability to focus in and take the necessary steps to take care of business.
  • Is exceptionally composed and conscientious.
  • Is a solid composed and verbal communicator.
  • Has a difficult hard-working attitude with an accentuation on execution.

Training Requirements (degree, affirmations, and so forth.): Include must have and like

PhD in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Statistical Genetics/Genomics, Computer Science, Statistics/Biostatistics with solid atomic science foundation, and industry experience liked.

Favoured Skills/Abilities

  • Encounters in growing little atom therapeutics for oncology or immunology or resistant oncology
  • Solid understanding and demonstrated reputation in genomics/hereditary qualities innovation and applications to clinical advancement.

Extra Information

  • Noteworthy Work Activities and Conditions: N/A
  • Travel: No
  • Employment Type: Experienced
  • Calendar: Full-time
  • Occupation Level Code: M

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